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CAIRO - Hundreds of Egyptian women and girls have come out to denounce sexual harassment and share personal stories about it on social media, breaking a taboo and raising the ire of some in the country's conservative majority.

In posts on Facebook and Twitter from the weekend to Wednesday, rare, candid stories focused on women's first experiences of harassment, almost all of which occurred in childhood and some involving family members and teachers.

Mass sexual assault was first documented during the Egyptian constitutional referendum on , on what became known as "Black Wednesday," when women demonstrators were sexually assaulted by a group of agents provocateurs, groups of men who had arrived on buses, as police watched and did nothing to intervene.

The issue attracted more discussion following the Eid al-Fitr holiday in 2006, when on 24 October a crowd of young men who had been denied entry to a cinema in Cairo engaged in a five-hour-long mass sexual assault of women in Talaat Harb Street.

The campaign promoted by a recent university graduate laid bare a phenomenon endemic to the streets of Egypt's crowded cities, where over the years women have faced sexual harassment by men or groups of men at a variety of public gatherings, protests or celebrations.

"I didn't know that there were so many others who went through this, I realized I wasn't alone," said 18-year-old high school student Haidi Gamal, who recounted three physical harassment incidents around the age of six by a relative, older schoolmates and a grocery shop owner.

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It often happens that the victims are blamed, rather than the harassers.

NB: Three days after the law was approved, a video of a women at the Tahrir square went viral.

She was naked and full of injuries and dragged around the square after being sexually assaulted during the inauguration celebrations of the new president.

Both the video and the numbers of the United Nations research don’t lie: sexual harassment is a serious problem in this North African country.

In the summer of 2014 there seemed to be hope for Egyptian women as the president approved a law that criminalises sexual harassment.

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