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I didn't just want to run a dedicated piece of hardware for Sophos however, I figured I might as well pick up another hypervisor compatible server since I'm already quite heavily utilizing my ESXi box.

For this, I chose a Lenovo TS140 which cost only 0 in base core i3 CPU configuration, and leaves me with plenty of CPU room for more lightweight VMs (note one tradeoff of this configuration though is that, unlike the the Xeon version, the core i3 does not support VT-D for device passthrough.) As a bonus, this server is also dead quiet and uses very little power, both ideal for my situation.

(although most of those run, just won't update now) Sophos issuing instructions on their site to fix Sophos is one thing but the damage this false positive has caused by deleting the updaters is a lot worse.

Even the most basic of testing should've spotted this. so far the list includes Commvault, Flash, Shockwave, Quickbooks, Dell Server Administrator, Java...

If you have control over your wireless network, consider allowing only designated computers to access it.

There are thousands of pieces of software designed purely for malicious activity.

The "Proxmox host with home router VM" setup I wanted to achieve is a question that seems to be asked a lot, but I struggled to find a definitive answer when I Googled it.

Once I understood how Proxmox worked though, it was very easy.

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Hardware and Software Maintenance 2.5 OUCS maintains a software agreement for Sophos Endpoint and Email Security suites. Systems Development 2.6 Not applicable Administration and Support 2.7 Information on the Sophos client, and related security information, is provided at 2.9 The OUCS Helpcentre will advise and support users with Sophos Antivirus installation and configuration problems.Proxmox uses a platform agnostic web-based admin page and additionally comes with lots of extra features ESXi doesn't let you have in their free license.Proxmox also lets your run Open VZ container OS's, ideal for the lower-spec processor.For further advice on setting secure passwords visit the Information Security website.Public computers and open wireless networks can be targeted by criminals who are able to record everything; from the sites you visit to the details you type.

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