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A haven of relaxation, it has direct access to the beach and a spa overlooking the ocean, and you have the choice to take off your shoes at check-in and not put them on until check-out.The hotel has two sections, including the tranquil Privilege adults only section; perfect for couples, with its own grill restaurant and pool bar.Anyone who has spent even a little time around horses will be familiar with the distinctive perfume of a stable yard — rather grassy, slightly sweet, very horsey.And, as we arrive at La Vieille Cheminee, a farm in south-west Mauritius, there it is, that familiar, rather grassy, slightly sweet, very horsey smell.Two years ago, Yashika Bageerathi arrived in the UK with her mother and brother.

The bathroom, overflowing with natural light, features a separate bath and shower.And suddenly it’s as though I’m 10 years old again. I loved them with a passion so intense that, from as young an age as I can remember to well into my teens, horses and riding were the dominant threads of my life.Still, my interest did wane in the end, and so I arrive at the stables having not ridden in maybe 15 years. I meet my mount, a 15-year-old bay mare named Jessica.She’s also pretty greedy, snatching mouthfuls of whatever greenery we pass at any opportunity she gets.Frederick fits us out with boots, chaps, protective vests and helmets.

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