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Who we choose to marry is arguably the most important decision we will make in determining our happiness and our children's happiness (and even your parents' happiness).We train and license people for almost every conceivable activity.For most of us we approach the issues in love and marriage as orphans, without learning from the cumulative experience and wisdom of past generations. Today, marriage seems to be a kind of evolutionary accident.After a period of getting acquainted, dating and becoming romantically involved comes the stage of restlessness.That means that if every black man in America married a black woman today, many women hoping to marry a black man would not make it down the aisle.”– They are the perfect Alpha Male.– Many African American men and non-Jewish men fall short in the romance department-Jewish men open wide instead of down low (Is that a sexual innuendo I failed to grasp? Hines-Starr successfully manages to stereotype two groups simultaneously.)– Jewish men are not looking for someone to take care of them– Jewish men attend and graduate college– Jewish men at least attempt to marry before making babies-Jewish men are great with financial planning and stability– Jewish men don’t take everything as a challenge to their masculinity-Jewish men are often raised with traditional gender roles where the men seek to take care of the women. On the one hand she dogs out black men, calling them unromantic, uneducated, uncommitted and unstable all while lauding not only her Jewish man but all Jewish men above the rest.

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In 638 CE the Byzantine Empire lost control of the the reputation of being the Black Women’s website that promotes interracial dating and marriage and all that. Whatever the case, I feel the need to say that while we believe you should keep your options open when it comes to finding love, you shouldn’t begin your quest with skin tone or racial and ethnic modifiers.And personally, I, Veronica, believe that while black men are flawed like all men, you’ll never catch me out here denouncing all of them.Jewish Multiracial Network A dynamic community of Jewish activists of ALL races, ethnicities, and colors who seek to provide Jews of Color (and others) with relevant and accurate social and spiritual connections.Jewlicious A cool site that boasts being 100% kosher. Jews in ALL Hues (JIAH) A grassroots community organization dedicated to building, supporting, and developing dual-heritage JOCs and the communities that support them.

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