Gnome clock weather not updating

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Initially I thought when the app is shut down the service would not be bound again by Dash Clock widget itself and so the Broadcast Receiver would not be registered but that's not the case.The service starts and is bound by the widget just fine.

Think of campaign as grouped layouts, as it's essentially it. what i can do with black backgorund in the clock and embedded code?The problem is that I have a Layout with 4 images, 10 seconds, in my second monitor (already configured) but I have a embedded code html from "https:// and a Flip Clock.That two modules aren't showing in my layout and transitions between images (in same region) either. Notes: Im using Xibo 1.7.9 for both server and client (is the same PC, im testing Xibo for now) I've Verified all modules too Log: Schedule Manager Thread|25/01/2017 |Error|Schedule - On Schedule Manager Check Complete|Agent threads are dead, not updating UI Thread|25/01/2017 |Error|Main Form - Change To Next Layout|Prepare Layout Failed.I have Lenovo Vibe Shot z90-7 A picture of the problem is attached to this post. I noticed that while the broadcast is triggered the receiver doesn't receive the event sometimes.

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