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Elsewhere in the world, the statistics are even more appalling.

Back in the "Mad Men" era it was unsurprising to see women treated poorly in ads.

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In contrast, only 55% of young men and 60% of young women received formal instruction about methods of birth control.[1] • Between 2006-20-2013, there were significant declines in adolescent females’ reports of receiving formal instruction about birth control, saying no to sex, STDs and HIV/AIDS. But she decided to speak at the event because “how else are people going to know what is happening here in our community? Attorney Laura Duffy said the huge increase in federal prosecutions — from a couple five years ago to dozens now — is expected to rise further as special units in her office, local and federal law-enforcement agencies, nongovernmental groups and educators focus on trafficking.” More than 175 attorneys, advocates, educators and doctors attended her session and others. Nationally, the Department of Justice has seen its number of trafficking cases increase 30 percent in the past three years, she said.A massive welcome to all you gorgeous guys and girls - thank you for checking out my website!This is the only site you can get to know the real me.

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